Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 10/2008

1.      Burmese Social Activist Artist Groups

2.      Burmese Journalists

3.      NLD Youth & Families

4.      ex-Students from 1988

5.      Burmese Monks and Monasteries in the Delta Area

 As you all might aware that the Burmese regime is delaying, blocking and arresting AID, relief works and relief workers inside Burma. It shows clearly that the Burmese Military Junta themselves are ignorant and indifferent towards their own people and they are more concerned of holding on to the power and authority with the price of their own Burmese people lives and misery while Burmese community itself and Burmese monks are risking their lives, health and wealth to save and rescue their fellow citizens from the post-Nargis disaster under the failed state run by the failed government.

 We will be continuing our support and help towards the Burmese people in need and at the same time, we will be reporting to the readers of MoeMaKa News & Media with real life stories and news of Nargis hit Delta area of Burma. Without the contribution from our volunteers, donors and contributors inside and outside of Burma, the Burmese Helping Burmese Charity Drive and Works will never be possible since from the beginning.

 As a token of thanks, we would like to share our “MoeMaKa Google Public Photo Albums” where we saved our photos on Nargis hit Delta area. Except from the albums of Sayadaw U Dhammapiya’s relief works, most of our photos were taken and shared by our volunteers and donors inside Burma. You all can refer (print and share among friends and family) to the photos freely and you can mention that they are from MoeMaKa team as you all are part of the charity drive for the better future of Burmese people in need of help, hope and future.

 Best Regards

Maung Yit

on behalf of MoeMaKa News & Media Group &

Burmese Helping Burmese Fund & Charity Drive for Democracy & Freedom in Burma