Draw A Line For The New Year 2021 by Junior Win

We still lived under the Stay-home order since 8th September 2020. Last night I heard the night curfew announcement between 12PM and 4AM from 28th December to 28th February in our township. No public gatherings will be allowed for the New Year too. The government announced that people would held the New Year celebrations at their homes with their families. Although the cases became lower than 5% since the last few days, the country was not surely safe yet. 

(I was still afraid of listening the announcement at night. It would never end?)

Finally the 2020 comes to an end after beating the world severely and miserably. People might expect to see the world more peaceful, and healthy again. 

Now the new year is coming soon. 
Yes, I am still in one piece! 
We have been waiting 365 days for this year to end.

(Happy New Year 2021!)
(Cartoon by Maung Yit.)