Draw A Line For Covid-19 Second Wave by Junior Win

Between June and August of 2020, Yangon seemed to have Covid19 under control. People might not need to wear masks in the normal state. Schools reopened. Sunlun Vipassana Meditation Monastery reopened. So, we went to the Sunlun Monastery and started to do meditation on the 1st of July. I was so happy again meeting Venerable Sayadaw and Sunlun yogis in good health and well. But in the middle of the August, we heard that the number of confirmed infections in Sit-Tway, Rakhine State increased. People in Yangon firstly ignored the news. But later, we were getting scared and worried by the Rakhine new cases. The infection would be carried to Yangon from the infected area. The second wave might come! 

(Draw by Maung Yit)

In the middle of the night of 8th September, stay-at-home order announcement heard from the loud-speaker in our township. That was the second time I heard that order since March. I sadly accepted that we could not go to the Sunlun Monastery for the time being. I don’t know when it ends.

(I was awake. It broke the sound of silence of night.)
(Cartoon by Maung Yit.)

(‘Yangon is now Lockdown! It will be better if the Facebook being too!) 
(Cartoon by Maung Yit.)

We already have sad experiences from the First Wave Pandemic situation. Buying enough food for two weeks, wearing all the protections whenever I went outside. Moreover I bought more gloves and masks at an expensive price. I did not have any more pride for that fact. During the stay-at-home order, I calculated how much food to cook daily. I measured the amount of eggs, meats, vegetables, and fruits, and I managed them in detail. My maths brain was now very useful today.

(“Immm…+ – x * $ # @ & !! 1/2, 1/5,…” .) 

(Drawn by Maung Yit.)

However I had to be more careful about my cooking, I was so clumsy. A packet of ten eggs fell from my hand! All were broken because of me!

(They broke my heart too!πŸ’”)(Drawn by Maung Yit.)

After a month, the infection was still growing. The October was the worst month. Some of our acquaintances infected and died because of Covid-19. Some we respected ones passed away. Some survived and returned home. Whenever we heard the sad news, we could not stop our heart sad. I could not sleep easily at night. When the shopping time came, I became more scared. Then I decided to buy food by the online delivery. But I still was afraid to accept food from the deliveries. Fear was more powerful on my mind. Then I decided to do meditation more and more.

(My brother said, ‘Do not go to the city mart, because the place was air-con tight. It was not safe. Do not go to the market nearby. It was crowded. There, difficult to stay one meter apart each other. Mask is not enough, also wear face-schield. Don’t forget the gloves,. etc…etc…’)

(‘I was already afraid right now! Please don’t make me more, KoKo 

(Drawing by Maung Yit.)

The next plan was I decided to do the Sunlun Way of Vipassana meditation at home. I started to practice meditation for 30 minutes. Later the more the news scared us, I decided to do the meditation for 90 minutes. Had to sit cross legs, shut tight our mouth and eyes, nor rest whether fatigued, nor scratch an itch, and not to move nor change position during the time of meditation. The first session for 45 minutes was to breathe hard in and out. After survived the breathing session, stop suddenly on an inhaled breath, and another 45 minutes for watching the sensation of pain which had arisen in the body. Whatever happened during the time of meditation, I did not care. I was soaked with sweats and tears during the time of meditation. But to my believed, doing meditation could help me free from the fear. 

(I was feeling better when I finished the meditation.)
(“Time’s up!’)
(Drawn by Maung Yit.)

Later, I cut off seeing news from Facebook or reading comments. I tried to do house work rather than fearing from news. I sew some clothes for me. Not bad! I could wear them during Stay-at-home! 

News and Information were still growing However I tried to ignore them.

(‘How do you take part during Covid-19 War?’, ‘Like this…..’ )

(Cartoon by Maung Yit.)

(The campaign for election was active under the stay-at-home order.)
(Cartoon by Maung Yit.)

All the news are far away from me!!!

(Illustrated by Maung Yit)