Burmese Helping Burmese – Statement 9/2008

1.                          Governmental and Non Governmental Organization Level of Help & AID – most effective as they have all the technology, capacity and support and knowledge in deeply affected area.

2.                          Grass Root and Community Level Collective Help and Support – effective well in helping victims partially in need of help where the area is not totally devastated.

3.                          Assisting Neighborhood Though friends, relatives and parents – effective in helping designated and targeted community such as monasteries, churches and schools where it house the homeless / starving victims.

For 1 you can designate your donation to the requested organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, WFP, Red Cross, etc etc. and for no. 3, you can donate to your direct contact of your neighborhood back home. However for no. 2 designation, we would like to recommend sharing the fund with the following experienced community groups such as –

1.      Social & Medial Help & Assistance Group led by grass root community leaders, artists, writers and intellectuals who have been running the operations in Rangoon and Burma independently from the authority and they have their own communication and network. (namely – Kyaw Thu, Shwe Zee Kwet, Than Myint Aung, Zarganar and other writers, journalists …)

2.      Social & Community Assistance Group managed by National League for Democracy where Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as their secretary which consisted of youths, experienced elders, network with the experience to run the operation under various kind of bad weather of Burma ( political, social, threat and stress …)

Please be aware that the Burmese junta and its group will be obstructing the grass root collection of help and support operations as they already have been doing to the international community AID operation. So we need to have information transparent and also to help each other under such situation. We also have to rely and corporate with above mentioned established community groups which have the past-experience and courage to continue to help and save the people of Burma.

We have to unite and work together inside Burma with all the friends in need to prove that we all are friends in deed.


Maung Yit

on behalf of MoeMaKa Team

& Burmese Helping Burmese – Fund for Democracy & People of Burma