Track 1.5 Dialogue in Delhi; Battles in Mobye

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – April 26 Scenes

MoeMaKa, April 27 2023

Track 1.5 Dialogue in Delhi; Battles in Mobye

In order to address Myanmar’s political crisis, the armed conflict, and the refugee issues resulting from these armed conflicts, reports have come out that a dialogue called Track 1.5 was held in New Delhi, India, which was attended by ASEAN countries and powerful regional countries such as China and India, including officials and non-government foreign policy experts.

According to news reports, not just ASEAN member governments, but also civil society organizations and academics participated. In addition, there are powerful countries in the region, including some ASEAN countries bordering Myanmar, namely Thailand, Laos, the current ASEAN chairman, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

This dialogue is a continuation of the dialogue held in Bangkok, Thailand, and is now being held in India. The next event will be held in Laos.

It is still too early to say whether the talks involving the powerful neighboring countries will make progress as ASEAN tries to find a solution to the Myanmar issue. The Myanmar Military Council was not invited to this discussion, as was the National Unity Government, which was formed by the anti-dictator forces. It is not exactly known yet whether the ASEAN and powerful regional countries will discuss Myanmar issues without inviting any forces from Myanmar or whether they will pressure the military council to discuss them with Myanmar revolutionary forces. The representatives of the military council did not participate, and the representatives of the National Unity Government, abbreviated as NUG, did not participate in the discussion.

But the participation of two regional powerhouses, China and India, in addition to ASEAN, is a unique feature. China can exert practical pressure on the military council, and it is conceivable that India could have a certain degree of influence compared to other distant powers.

It remains to be seen whether some of the world’s powerful countries and the regional ASEAN group are on the way to finding a solution to the Myanmar issue. It is believed that China, which says that the Myanmar issue is only a domestic issue, would like to reduce the number of armed conflicts, attacks, killings, and violence in Myanmar and achieve a stable situation. However, there is a question about how much influence China has on the Myanmar Military Council and the NUG.

Another piece of news for today is the news of intense fighting between the military council troops and the KNDF armed forces in the Mobye of Kayah State. A few days ago, the military council’s aircraft fired at the healthcare center of Saung Phwe Village in Pekon area, and at least 3 people were injured. On April 26, fighting between the military council forces and the joint forces of the Mobye People Defense Force and the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force was taking place in Mobye.

According to a late April 26 statement, about 20 members of the military council were killed when ally defense forces attacked the military council troops in Nyaungwine Ward in Mobye. It is reported that the local defense forces seized the weapons of the military council in this battle.

It is also said that there were airstrikes during the fighting.

There are frequent clashes in the Karenni region and southern Shan State’s Pekon and Pinlaung, where Karenni ethnic groups live, and the control of the military council troops in the Karenni region is gradually decreasing.