The Myanmar issue, which has been taking a long time to resolve, is gradually falling behind in the world’s attention

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – April 02 Scenes

MoeMaKa, April 03 2023

The Myanmar issue, which has been taking a long time to resolve, is gradually falling behind in the world’s attention

In the Myanmar issue, Myanmar refers to the country but not the nationality. The Myanmar issue refers to all the events and problems related to Myanmar.

When we read the international daily news, we can see that the Myanmar issue is gradually fading away. Compared to the months immediately after the military coup in 2021, it has decreased significantly. For Europe and the West, which value democracy, freedom, and human rights, they continue to support the defiance against the Myanmar military dictatorship after the start of the Ukraine-Russia war, but the ongoing war in Europe, where Russia attacked and invaded Ukraine, is a problem that has a direct impact on Europe and the West. So, the affairs of Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, which is another region of the world for them, was put on the back burner.

Although there has been no reduction in moral support for the Myanmar issue, it is true that material support has decreased. As for the Myanmar issue, no one can say whether it will take decades or not, but when it has been more than 2 years, it is natural that the attention and material aid have decreased.

In the Myanmar issue, I think it will be necessary to set the goal of the armed struggle for a limited period of time in order to achieve a win or lose result. As the years go by, the support and resistance of the people living in the areas related to the armed struggle may decrease in terms of mentality and material (such as taxes, donations, etc.).

In the history of Myanmar, there have been historical experiences of the Communist Party of Burma and many ethnic armed groups based on political ideology, so even though today’s situation is different from that period, it is true that there are lessons to be learned from comparison.

As the armed revolution, in other words, the civil war drags on, the battlefield region’s economy, such as agriculture and trade, declines, and the amount of taxes to be collected also decreases. It is true that it is not easy to maintain the kind of enthusiasm and support with full trust for many years, as in the early days of the revolution.

So it is important to try to make a change while there is still time. More important than international aid and attention is the domestic situation. It is true that international aid, morale, and diplomatic support are important, but the strength and resilience of the local people, as well as the availability of resources and the prevention of their depletion, are more crucial.

Food problems and human dignity problems for the local people living in refugee camps for many years, and educational opportunities for children living there in an uncertain situation, are also becoming the main problems.

There will also be examples of some ethnic armed resistance groups focusing on resisting while the armed resistance is still at its peak. While receiving active support, they are materially fulfilled and work hard for the right to self-determination and governance this year. They have not achieved the goal of liberating the state yet, but it must be evaluated that they achieved a change due to the support and the concerted attack force.

Similarly, I believe that the leading organizations should set a time limit for the armed revolution movement in Myanmar’s democracy issue and try to make a movement. It can be said that it has already been established. However, as active and supportive people, we do not know whether such a decisive strategy exists or not, so it will be more natural for all of us to consciously try.