The military council not allowing to teach about democracy; more and more genocides

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MoeMaKa, March 02 2023

The military council not allowing to teach about democracy; more and more genocides


Democracy activists and the education community said that the military council prohibits the teaching of democracy in private schools as it is a big threat to them for the students to know democratic standards. Thanlwin Times News Agency reported – The Military Council’s Ministry of Education issued a notice on February 17 to all district education officers of Karen State to publish the rules and regulations related to private schools regarding teaching Western democratic culture in private schools.


The military leaders who suppressed the 8888 Uprising in 1988 started using the word “Multiparty Democratic Election” themselves. The one-party military dictator Ne Win himself misused the word “socialist” and introduced a one-party dictatorship in Myanmar during Masala’s time. From successive military leaders who continue to use the term ” Multiparty Democracy” and practice dictatorial practices, the step taken by the military council led by Min Aung Hlaing to limit the teaching of Western democracy is not a beneficial action, but it is proof of the fact that the military council itself is in chaos at all levels of their administration.


We all already know that the number one priority of the military council is to suppress and control all opposition militarily. While there are news reports of the NUG, EROs, alliance forces, and the PDFs conducting cooperative and joint attacks militarily, the military council is using the air force to raid villages, and conducting arson attacks on villages and rural areas, arrests, and killings at its utmost. Mass killings in rural areas of the anyar regions by the military council troops are so numerous that they can be repeatedly prosecuted as genocides.


According to the news, the Kone Village in Yinmarbin Township of Sagaing Division was destroyed by the terrorist military in two days. On March 1, the Myauk Yamar People’s Defence Force informed about an arson by the terrorist military. It stated, “The enemy military council troops conducted the arson attack on Kone Village in Yinmarbin Township twice; last night and on March 1, and burned almost the entire village to the ground.”


The Wetlet revolutionary forces confirmed that ” In Wetlet Township, Shwebo District of Sagaing Division, Mokesoechon Village, and Leikaing Village on February 28 morning, and Bin Tae Kone Village on March 1 morning, residents were attacked with heavy weapons and small arms and then set on fire.” A farmer from the Mokesoechon village was also brutally killed by the military council column.


The military council is committing war crimes all over the rural areas where the resistance war took place. It is clear that NUG’s people administrative bodies and relevant Local PDF forces that are trying to establish a control area in these areas, need to more effectively protect, care for and share information with the local people.

Another piece of news is that the conference of the Karen National Union (KNU) will be held these days. According to news reports, KNU sources said that representatives of the 5th Brigade did not attend the 17th KNU Congress. Before the KNU Congress was held, more than 60 Karen civil society organizations signed a statement criticizing the KNU. Among the KNU Central Committee leadership, there were those who had been accused of planning illegal gambling and new casino city projects. Letters were issued asking them to resign. The KNU leadership issued a reply and denied it. In addition to the divisiveness of the military council, there is a need to build understanding and resolve doubts among inter-organizational forces.

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