The New Normal life in the urban and the Movement of the Guerrilla

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – October 05 Scenes
MoeMaKa, October 06 2022

The New Normal life in the urban and the Movement of the Guerrilla

Poet Kyi Zaw Aye and cartoonist Yarzar Thazi passed away one after another during these days. When such people who consistently write poems and cartoons that reflect the times die, the literary community records them sadly. It is a waste because they die unexpectedly due to health conditions while they are still in their prime.

In Myanmar, there is a decline in health care in both cities and country, so the common people are suffering a lot. It can be said that it is only at the last moment that they arrive at the hospital to lose their lives.

It is said that the exchange rate between the dollar and Myanmar’s currency has been stable these days. After the military council started trying to control the dollar, it went from 2,000 kyats to more than 3,000 kyats, and is now said to be trading between 2,600 and 2,800 kyats. Some journalists commented that because of the push of money speculators, the price had risen above 3,000 kyats, and the prices had to fall again because there were no transactions at more than 3,000 kyats. In addition to inflation and the scarcity of goods in Myanmar, everything in the domestic market is expensive due to restrictions on trade in goods by the military council.

Almost 100% of Myanmar’s consumer goods can be bought and sold locally, so there is no need to depend on foreign imports and foreign currency for essential goods. However, until now, the urban lifestyle has not lost the balance of regular eating and drinking as before the revolution, so their isolated market is strong. The middle class and the basic class are living in austerity and are faced with a daily food crisis due to a lack of employment.

There is no more tax collection and regulations in Myanmar like during the NLD government and the government’s businesses are not operating regularly. Now, they are operating with an income from bribes and corruptions as in the days of previous military regimes.

As for staff salaries, it can be said that after the salaries of CDMs are not released, the staff budgets of departments are no longer transparent. Currently, the money that banks operate with is mainly flowing from private businesses, external private employees’ payrolls, family remittances, and commodity transactions.
The military council is stealing the dollars coming in from the Myanmar people abroad, levying taxes on their services, raising the prices, and demanding higher fees they desire. We see the potential for these actions to be out of control. It seems like the military council is preparing to take steps like those who controlled and profited by increasing excessively the price of the mobile phone system, which was already cheap abroad, during the previous military regimes.

The latest news is that Yangon’s guerrilla forces announced that they have increased their bombing attacks in Myo Thit, on the outskirts of Yangon. They said that they would target those involved with the military council, the tax payers for the military council, and those who do and support evil activities.

In the news of Myanmar Spring- Today (October 5th) at around 7:52 PM, there was a bombing attack in front of the “Shwe Myint Mo” beverage store owned by the 100-houses head Aung Kyaw Saw, and a car belonging to him was damaged. It is written that the above attack was carried out by the allies’ forces of the South Dagon Guerrilla Force (SDGF) and the Doe Yoe Yar Guerrilla Force, and the comrades had reached a safe place. About a month ago, after some guerrilla groups were crushed and suppressed at the hands of military council informers, they reawakened in big cities such as Yangon and Mandalay.

As Deputy Minister of Defense Nai Kao Rot said that they will fight from the countryside and surround the urban area, it is an interesting question how the NUG’s Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Home Affairs are working together on urban guerrilla strategies and how the attitude is established.