The disclosure and record of the war crimes of the military council, the NUG Pay trying to gain a foothold

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – September 26 Scenes
MoeMaKa, September 27 2022

On September 26, the NUG government’s press conference presented the public with evidence of the Leyetkone massacre. At a time when the UN General Assembly and Western countries were expressing interest in the Myanmar issue, Min Aung Hlaing’s military council was carrying out massacres of unarmed civilians like Leyetkone with the ground and air force.

The NUG government has shown that it has the ability to grasp the situation on the ground and to collect and organize it, as well as the ability to provide physical evidence . At the press conference, the military council’s war crimes were revealed with the evidence of witnesses, so I think many people will be interested.

It was reported that, at 1:00 p.m. on September 16, an MI 35 helicopter of the terrorist military group opened fire on the school in the compound of the monastery in Leyetkone village and the 368th Infantry Battalion fired from the ground for an hour with heavy weapons and small arms.

If we have to recapitulate the events of such war crimes –

In July 2021 – killings of more than 40 people in Taungpauk Village, Kyetchaung Tawteik Village, Yin Village and Konethar Village in Sagaing Division’s Kani Township.
On December 7, 2021 – killings of 10 residents, including four children between the ages of 14 and 17, in Done Taw Village, Salingyi Township.
On December 24, 2021 – 49 people, including women, children and two employees from Save the Children, were burned to death in Moso Village, Hpruso Township.
On January 6, 2022 – 11 people, including a journalist and a child, were abducted and killed in Matupi Township, Chin State.
On April 19, 2022 – 9 men were burned to death in the village of Ywa Ngang Peringtaung, Southern Shan State.
On May 12, 2022 – 28 people were burned to death in Mondaingbin Village, Ye-U Township.

According to the information, it has been reported that massacres have been committed. 


In this incident, there is collaboration of rescue mission between revolutionary forces within the region, Local People Defense Forces (LPDFs), People Defense Forces (PDFs) of People Administration and NUG and so, they can provide assistance towards those injured by the military junta and those who need to escape for security reasons, given by the National Unity Government, said the Union Minister Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe. She said, “We’ve sent the medical expenses to those who were injured and then the travel expenses. We continued to send them.”


I hope that, in addition to further documenting the military council’s killings, arrests, torturing, and burning down houses of unarmed civilians, the revolutionary armed forces will work together with the NUG government to provide effective preventive care. Without expecting much in terms of international assistance and intervention, it was at the press conference that the Myanmar people and NUG expressed what they did what they should have done, and what they should say to the international community and Myanmar civilians..

Another piece of news is that on September 25, 2022, NUG announced the end of NUGPay’s Pilot Project period. The NUG’s Ministry of Planning and Finance Investment (MoPFI) said that the trial period of the NUG Pay system and digital kyat currency circulation has ended. It is said that 10,000 people have opened the digital kyat wallet, Mobile Wallet App through NUG Pay Agentswho are like Agents such as K Pay and Wave agents. It is said that many of the people who opened the “NUG Pay wallet” in Myanmar are those who are connected with NUG, the supporters, PDFs and their reliable agents.

It is said that in addition to making payment to and from the agent, cash exchange can also be done. As it is a digital currency, all accounts are not directly related to people’s names and addresses, and the currency itself is not related to the Central Bank, which is under direct control of the military council. So, it is believed that it will gradually become widespread.


Currently, the military group itself seems to have the same slogan as the Spring Revolution forces. “We have only ourselves” means that we have no one else to rely on. The military group itself has turned its back on the UN, ASEAN, and the international community, and is already encouraging its army to fight with all its might and commit murders and robberies.

I would like to say that the NUG government and the Spring Revolution forces know that no one can be relied on too, so they continue to march forward to wage a war of offensive from defensive to the best of their ability with the people who are in revolution, relying on themselves.