Myanmar Spring Chronicle – More Attack in Upper Myanmar, Blame Game between Resistance Groups & Spreading falsehood on Social Media

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – August 12 Scenes

MoeMaKa, August 13 2022

More Attack in Upper Myanmar, Blame Game between Resistance Groups & Spreading falsehood on Social Media.

The news reported that on the afternoon of August 11, the military council attacked with helicopters at Yin Paung Taing Village, a village in the region southwest of Yinmarbin Township, close to Pale Township. The junta soldiers were also dropped by helicopter and raided the village and arrested some villagers. Today, in response to a question from the media, it was learnt that Yin Paung Taing village was targeted because some members of the Chin Defense Forces, who came down from Kachin State, were resting in the village. There were some suspicions that the exact timing of the attack when the Chin defense forces were passing by was informed by someone from this area, and it was concluded that the attack was carried out by air because the military council got specific information.

A few days after the online distribution of the interview of a female Dr. A Nyein with Bo Nagar, a well-known PDF leader of the Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA) in Yinmarbin area, the military’s attack came to the specific area. Due to the coincidence of the attack, some people on social media were suspicious and accused A Nyein this morning of being an inside informant. In the era of social media, people tend to believe whatever posts on social media. Before knowing the details of the attack on the village, there were some accusations that the military council had attacked the village, because A Nyein came the village for the interview. After more backlashes on A Nyein emerged about the incident, Bo Nagar himself had to come out and clarify through one of the news agency that the attack was not related to A Nyein’s visit for an interview. The impact of the social media era is that every time something comes up, there are speculations that jump to find culprits or suspects and though there is no evidence, accusations are often made based only on assumptions. There are usually disagreement and infighting within those who oppose the military council.

It can be said that this kind of situation is one of side effects of social media. 

Sometimes there are honest doubts, and sometimes based on their personal or organizational differences, they just dislike each other and they try to give bad names. It created mistrust not only among resistance groups but also among people. When the public wants to know the reason for an incident, in other words, when public is looking for culprit to blame, they purposefully blame or point finger in a way like this incident occur due to the other party that they dislike, and it is one of the negative effects of social media that can lead people astray.

Another piece of news was a case of shooting occurred at the office of immigration department in Thingangyun Township in Yangon. A group of urban guerrilla force entered the office and opened fire killing deputy to head officer and injuring the head of office who died of the injury later. Local immigration offices were considered corruption pitch where people had to pay money or bribe the officers whenever they needed paper that said they live and work this the township as proof needed for their job application, traveling or government related works. As for those with mixed blood or mix raced people, they have to pay a lot to get Myanmar Citizen Card. Although some people support the killings of the staffs of civil departments of the military council who are demanding bribed money from the people, some fear that such killings will further complicate the situation.

There are also people who are having the attitude not to target and kill staffs of civil departments. They pointed out that killing of people who are not members of armed groups by urban guerrilla PDF forces, will damage the image of PDF and international organizations may regard them related to terrorisms.