The Songs for Spring

(MoeMaKa) April, 24th, 2021

In MoeMaKa’s first online forum on April 22, editor Khin Lun urged the audience to present photos and voices of generation-Z on Myanmar Spring Revolution. It is hoped that seeing and hearing the supportive voices of expatriate Gen-Z as they posted on social media just as for the local Revolutionary Gen-Z to become a source of strength for them while through intermittent internet access. Now, young students from New Zealand presents their voices & photos supporting Myanmar Spring Revolution, and hoping all students from all over the world will follow suit. MoeMaKa will continue to post their social media presence as the songs for Spring (Revolution).

Send if you want to share your songs for Springs.

Tyler Cheng, 18University of Auckland, New Zealand

Joshua Lian, KachinDiploma in Arts, New Zealand…

The Burmese military has caused suffering and has taken away the human rights and the lives of many innocent Burmese people they are supposed to protect. I have great respect for my people in my country fighting against the Burmese military to get their rights back.
I support and stand with those who are against the military.
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Give the power back to the people and maintain Democracy. Military in Myanmar have gone too far.
Adeline Tang, 19
College, Malaysia

I am against Myanmar military dictatorship that is happening in Myanmar. The inhumanity crime that is happening there and the unfairness. Many people around my ages there are not having the opportunity that I am having right now. I pay my respects and my tribute to those who have fought against the injustices. I stand with those who are against the military.
Thet Thet Lin, 18
University of Auckland, New Zealand

I respect those of fight for freedom and to destroy the military dictatorship in Myanmar who has been foolish and is taking human rights from the citizen of Myanmar. I support abolishing the dictatorship in Myanmar because innocent lives have suffered for their action and many lives were lost.
I am concerned about the safety of citizens in Myanmar, people are getting killed for protesting. Myanmar was once beautiful but now is filled with corruption. My heart goes out to fellow protestors and citizen fighting for freedom. They are losing loved ones and their home, every day my thoughts would go towards my country.
Khin Linn Thant , 13
High School, New Zealand

I’d like to say that I support the Burmese people who are currently fighting for their freedom against the military. May they have peace, democracy and freedom and may those who have had their lives taken from them rest in please, may their suffering be remembered and never forgotten.
Selwyn college, NEW ZEALAND

Hello, I am writing this in protest against the inhumane crimes occurring in Myanmar right now. I am a university student studying health science right now and therefore understand I am speaking from a place of privilege. The fact that I have the opportunity to help people is amazing, since I know there are those in Myanmar suffering crazily, who don’t have a voice or platform for speak against their injustice. The Myanmar government is a terrorist regime that has taken control of the military and invoked wide spread fear, destruction, suffering and complete disregard to human rights. I stand against the military and their disgusting ways.
Awhina , 18
Studying health science, University of Auckland

I pay tribute to all those who are fighting against the military dictatorship and to the lives that were lost. Many citizens of Myanmar just want to live a normal life. For years the military have ruled in fear, this has to stop. I stand with those who are against the military.Asher Sanda, 16 Selwyn College, New Zealand

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