Scene after One Month and 17th day after the military coup in Burma

(MoeMaKa) March 19, 2021

The bad news for journalists today is that Two Reporters from BBC and Mizzima were arrested by the military council for no reason in Naypyidaw. Media groups called for release, but the coup junta did not comment. Tensions between the media and the junta have been strained, as evidenced by their tensed press conferences and the targeted arrests and detentions of journalists during public protests by the junta. Yesterday, the military arrested NLD Information Officer Kyi Toe and a member of the party.

The militant council not only cracked down on street protests, but also opened fire on hospitals and clinics, invading and destroying schools and homes; Stealing money; It is also committing acts of obstruction of traffic and violence, forced bystanders and residences to clear road blocks. In addition to breaking into the media offices, the government has also invaded the offices of several civil society organizations (including the Funeral Aid Society in Rangoon), as well as INGOs, NGOs and civil society offices with international contacts. They also prevent money transactions as much as they can and seizing bank accounts hold by NGOs. The junta is also straining relations with the general public as it seeks to suppress Boycott activity and CDM movement ruthlessly. Some people living in urban areas are also beginning to flee to safer areas. In this uprising, it is impossible for the military council to regain a more neutral relationship with ordinary people as it used to be.

On the ground, in many towns and villages, people are still fighting (protesting) against the military council from every house and every street. People are still reporting on the protests, whether on the Internet or not. The military council’s propaganda and campaigning has been ineffective because Public has witnessed the brutal killing of unarmed civilians in front of the people all over the country. The military’s psychological warfare work has become quite widespread on social media. Many of those who think so are those who have never experienced the real situation on the ground, so the military council’s psychological warfare is not effective. One of the main topics in their publication is the use of intimidation and invoking fear. They like to spread false information to make them think it is true.

On March 19, CRPH called on its committee members, It is reported that a private meeting was held with interim-government ministers, including 88 Open Society Members. On the same day, Daw Zin Mar Aung said in an interview that 80% of the discussions were underway or complete to form a federal union with the federal army. Their discussions included civil society groups and strike committees. Discussions are also underway with ethnic groups, either individually or collectively in groups.

Expatriate Burmese continue to donate to CRPH and CDM through accessible groups. In addition to the weekly protests, there are campaigns to sign petitions to the government and parliament. On March 20, the US House of Representatives passed a 134-vote resolution condemning the Coup d’état over Burma. Despite the proposal, the delay in voting on the parliament floor has now been successful. As a next step, the Senate has to pass Senate Resolution 105 in majority to widen targeted sanction on the military council individually and arm embargo.

The downside is that despite the fact that more than $ 600,000 has been raised for the GoFundMe campaign through the  Citizens of Burma Award Fund, which is raising funds for CRPH, the release of donating in a matter of days has been pending as the GoFundMe team scrutinizes compliance procedures. It is said that Citizen of Burma Award Organization is still receiving and delegating donations to CRPH through other programs and channels.

As all ethnic groups are determined to create their own destiny for the establishment of a federal union, all Burmese people from various ethnicity are now seen excited and willing preparing to support ethnic armed groups and ethnic groups in all  areas across Burma / Myanmar.