A Trip to Sit-Tway (Myauk-U) Part (2) by Junior Win

At the pagoda near Kyauktaw where Mahamyatmuni Buddha Image was situated, we saw interesting seeing around. Among them, a sacred pond whose looking was very romantic. There also were historical legends which were sculptured amazingly.

(Inside what I saw looked like a legendary Palace.)

(The sculptures tell you the legends of Buddha’s Time.)

(The beautiful scene of a sacred pond.)

(See, what an amazing sight!)

We watched the sunset there. It was beautiful. We forgot our tiresome trip. At the late evening, we left and stopped at the near restaurant and were having dinner.

(The sunset we see.)
After an hour of driving, we finally arrived ShweThazin Hotel at Myauk-U. So we had a total of 4 hours driving from Sit-Tway airport to Myauk-U. The hotel looked like a paradise. The stone-sculptured ladies’ heads at the front gate were fantastic (I will take their photos tomorrow, and show you later). There we had a full rest.

                        (From the door of our resting place, it was dark and gloomy.)

In the early morning, after having lunch at the hotel, we were taking a walk. The hotel’s treat was delicious. Town-made foods were the best.

(‘Look! Seeing snows is believing!’)
We were walking around and feeling the morning haze and snow which were hovering us. There was a town-market and we saw their goods and the dresses they wore. I did not buy much, but I was walking through the market-street and enjoying it. (Rare to see meats there!)

(The town-market.)

(Wow! Rakhine foods!)

(A seller and her salads.)

(What are these? It might be the medicine?)

(Very innocent, and curious faces and their home-vegetables.)

(Fresh and best fruits I have ever seen.)

(Imagine where she was heading to!)