Kha Htaine Donation by Junior Win

(Kha Htain donation at the monastery, Rangoon, Burma.)

(Yellow robes, umbrellas, slippers, fans, tha-bakes (Bowls),

and Burmese kyat notes, etc were displayed as Kha-Htain donation

by Burmese families, Rangoon.)

Offering of special robes and other gifts made to the Order of monks during this season – November – Tahsaungmone (Tahsaungtaing festival) – keeps alive the true spirit of offering, as taught of the Buddha. Members of the same profession or trade or people working in the same office or in any township from such groups for this purpose and collect gifts for the monastery. It is also the custom of community to organize the offering of gifts, everyone contributing in cash or in kind. It is called ‘Kha Htaine’ donation.

(Before the presentation of Kha Htain donation in the market, people were preparing for the empty triangle structures.)

(How wonderful! With many needed items for monks.)

(The yellow robes were hung for Kha-Htain donation by the market families. Their names were written on each bag.)

(At the market place, the triangular structure with offering items, and names on the black board was seen altogether. People can say ‘Well-done” for their good deeds.)

(One of those donations seen as true spirit of offering gifts such as yellow robes,

and contributing in cash on Kha Htain donation, U.S.A.)

(Photo credit to Su Myat Aung Thu.)

Therefore, during this season, we see wooden triangular structures standing in market places or in decorated marquees by the wayside or in front of some houses. Each structure is hung with gifts, and like a set of yellow robes, towels, napkin, cups, Burmese kyat notes and such useful things. So some Burmese kyat notes were hung beautifully in wooden triangular structure.

(Standing by the wayside of Rangoon, triangles structures made of Burmese kyat notes.)

The wooden triangular structures are made of Burmese Kyat notes; big or small are to be seen attractively. The above photos the figure of triangular structures made of Burmese kyat notes, standing by the wayside or at the monastery.

(Kha Htain donation decorated by dollar notes by Burmese community from U.S.A.)

(Photo credit to Su Myat Aung Thu.)

During this Khataine season, those wooden structures are to be seen carrying by cars, driving in the streets. Sometimes there is a music troupe followed, contributing the Kha Htaine event.

(There is a music troupe followed, and …)

(Photos credit – Maung Yit.)

(…. children took part in the Kha Htain donation at Rangoon, Burma.)

(Photos credit – Maung Yit.)

(Organized this Kha Htaine gifts carried by three-wheel carriers, traveling along the streets, represent their contribution share to everyone to say ‘well-done’.)

(Photo by Maung Yit.)

(The wooden structure to be seen carrying by car driving on the road (left), and a line of three-wheel carriers drove in the street with Kha Htain donation, Rangoon, Burma. (right)).

(Photo credit – Maung Yit)