Junior Win – A Day at the Monastery or Sayadaw U Vinaya’s 102th Birthday


(Sayadaw U Vinaya’s venerable statue looks like a real Sayadaw looking at us.)


      Today was the 30th of August 2015, the full moon day of Wah-khaung in Burmese calendar. It was the day Sayaday U Vinaya’s 102th birthday. The ceremony for Sayadaw’s bd was held at Sunlun Meditation Monastery at 7th miles. I was told that there were 15 monks attended the ceremony, and people could donate anything they wished to the monk. Some prepared 15 yellow robes, or towels, or medicines, or books, or kyat-notes, or etc. I was happy to think what I was going to offer on that day. Finally I was decided offering my book “A Memory of My Grandparents” to each of the monks at Sunlun monastery. 
      In the early morning of 6:00 A.M, people were waiting at the hall in the Sunlun monastery. Sayadaw U Wara who was the head of the Sunlun Meditation Centre, with the monks attended to the hall where we were waiting. Sayadaw firstly gave a speech about Sayadaw U Vinaya who passed away three years ago, if He still alive, He would reach the age of 102. Sayadaw U Wara related the short biography of Sayadaw U Vinaya, and also reminded us that we would have to remember Sayadaw U Vinaya’s gratitude, and loving-kindness which were still guarding us.
(Men’s corner while waiting…)
(Women’s corner while waiting…)

 I missed our Sayadaw U Vinaya so much while listening the speech. I was sure myself that although Sayadaw U Vinaya passed away, I still followed His teaching, and did meditation as much as I could until now. I believed that the act of my doing meditation shows how I miss Him, and respect Him from the bottom of my heart.
(I donate my royalties that I received this year to Venerable Sayadaw U Wara)
After the speech, Sayadaw U Wara guided us paying respects to those to whom respect is due, and remembering those to whom we owe gratitude. After reciting Buddha’s Teaching, and praying, Sayadaw U Wara led us to follow his speech as saying ‘Thar-du’ three times, means ‘Well done’, for our good deeds to all the beings around, including our relatives, and grandparents who passed away, or to whom concerned. The act of offering means ‘dhanna’ or giving, an important aspect of Buddhist teaching. 
(I was waiting my turn to offer my book to the monks.)
Donating our offering to the monks seemed to me so wonderful, and respectful to all the Buddhist. After all, I went to the pagoda which stood in the monastery ground, and under which Sayadaw U Vinaya’s body lay, and there I sat down, and saying prayers with my heart, and I believe Sayadaw’s kindness still protecting us, and I promised I would never forget to do meditation in this busy world.
(The pagoda under which Sayadaw U Vinaya’s body lay.)