eBooks of Khin Myo Chit

My grandmother; Khin Myo Chit’s two books – ‘Colourful Burma’ Part 1 and ‘Three Years Under the Japs(1945)’ are now available as ebooks on Kindle Store. Here are the links that if you need more information about the books.
‘Colourful Burma’ Part 1 includes Buddhist Way of Life, Life and custom, Language and Pitfalls, and Trees, Fruits and Vegetables. 
The cover of ‘Three Years Under The Japs (1945)’ was the old cover of the booklet in 1945.  However it was too old, it was very precious to me. In Burma, ebooks are not so familiar to our Burmese readers. But I believed the readers of Khin Myo Chit not only in Burma, but also around the world, will be happy to find and see her ebooks in Kindle store. Hope more of Khin Myo Chit’s other English books will be seen soon as ebooks in this modern world.