A Memory of My Grandparents (2) by Junior Win

(U) Khin Maung Latt (1915-1996) and (Daw) Khin Myo Chit (1915-1999)

Their Love of Teaching

(At Pyaeyeiktha House, 1958)

They both enjoyed reading books, and loved to share their knowledge to everyone. My grandfather opened his tution-classes at Aung Chan Tha (Hleedan) until 1988, and after that at our house (Pyaeyeiktha House) for the rest of his life. He taught English grammar, English Literature, Story telling, and Play Reading, etc. My grandmother sometimes joined him. She sat beside my grandpa and, reminded him some quotations or she taught poems or plays as her favorite subject. Although she liked to teach, she did not become a teacher as her profession.

My grandma was willing to answer whenever young people came and asked her. But she was not patient if they forgot to bring a notebook, or a pencil. She said, ‘If they have intention to ask the elders, they should have to bring those things. Now they asked me to borrow a pencil or a piece of paper!’ My grandpa always smiled to my granny whenever she complained about the student. My grandpa said that patience is a kind of quality that teachers should have. ‘You will have to be patient and understand them. Keep in mind that if they know such a basic wise thing (to bring a pencil or a notebook, etc when they come to ask the elders.), or if they have such a good brain to do so, think that they do not need a teacher. I think you will never be a teacher although you love to teach.’

(1959 – My grandpa with teacher style.)

He even let the student borrow his textbooks when they forgot to bring. Sometimes he did not get it back from them, because they also forgot to return it to my grandpa. That’s why he always kept many textbooks. Sometimes I heard what he said, ‘Hay! Anyone who forgot to bring a pencil or a textbook today!’

Although my grandma was not as patient as my grandpa, I saw she enjoyed teaching with my grandfather. She sat beside my grandpa in his classroom, and helped him as reminding some quotations or reading some lines because my grandpa had a poor sight. They both enjoyed teaching, and loved to share their knowledge to everyone. When we grew older, and old enough to follow their teaching, they might be the happiest teachers in the world.