The Adventure of My Book Reading by Junior Win

The last few days, I bought a retold of ‘Little Lord Fantleory’ at the book shop. At first, I was just interested in the story by seeing the cover and the few lines that told about the story on the back. I tried to find its original at the book shop. But I could not find it there. I was too clumsy to see the author’s name.
I read it when I was at home. It was a very small book and the story was easily written. I finished it in a day. The story was very interesting and I just wanted to know who the author was. Frances Hodgson Burnett. WoW! How stupid I am!I knew this author very much. She was an author of A Little Princess and Secret Garden. I liked the children adventure very much. She wrote it very beautifully. At once I wanted to have its original.
Here, I already had read her two books. Secret Garden was my grandmother’s favorite novel. I found it at her old book shelf. My mother bought A little Princess when she found it at the book shop. All her stories were very amazing. The one thing I liked that was what she wrote about the children in the story. The children in her stories were very kind and innocent whether they were poor or rich. It might be her style.
Inside the book, it said that many parents at the time bought these books because they wanted their children to learn from the little lord and the little princess how to be good. I hoped our children can read such good novels and learn how to be good.