The Lost Of Ray Bradbury by Junior Win


I was struck by the news of the death of my favorite writer; Ray Bradbury. I heard the news from Al Jazeeda TV channel this morning. I  deeply grieved to learn of his death and I would like to send his  family my deepest sympathy. He was a man who was loved and respected by his every reader who came into contact with his writings. He was not only admired by his country alone but also through the world.


I was in touch with his writing since 2007. For this short period, I felt he was very friendly to me with his stories. How deeply grieved for his death for me as such a minor reader of him, I can imagine how greatly his family miss him every hour.


‘They told me, they told me you were dead,

They brought me bitter news to hear and bitter tears to shed,


And now that thou art lying, my dear old author,

A handful of grey ashes, long long ago at rest,

For death, he taketh all away, but thy pleasant voices still,

He cannot take.’


(From the poem; Heraclitus by W.Cory)