Maung Sue San Accuses Second Pinlon of Meaningless Move by The Opposition

 The writer clarified his reason why the institutions are now enough by point out that both the constitution and the parliaments have already developed and as it is, the ethnic affairs can be discussed in these assemblies. He also said that ethnic nationalities issues should be solved only in the parliament. To start a parallel forum for these matters is senseless and like a dream of an opium addict (i.e. things in a dream cannot be usually possible in the reality). He added that such thinking is the groundless political slogan. He stated that today is a time to approach every issue regarding Burmese politics objectively, and to relinquish one-sided views on those problems.

It is learnt that when the author accused that second Pinlon proposed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, is not essential because of the present constitution and the parliaments, he omitted to mention if free and open discussions would be allowed in the assembly, and also set aside the fact that 2008 constitution is overwhelmed by the military in his article.

The writer said not a word about the lack of transparency in last November’s election, nor did he make any remarks on the constitution drawn up as the military junta and ratified by their pressure.

Since after 2008 constitution came into existence, Maung Sue San and his followers have consistently supported the program of present regime and rebuked opposition pro-democracy forces.