Over Seven Thousands Burmese Migrant registered in Japan

Over Seven Thousands Burmese Migrant registered in Japan

Ref: Moe Thauk Kye News Group

26th February, 2010

According to Japan’s Ministry of Justice, there were recently 7,789 Burmese people registered to stay under various visa statuses. As dated to 23rd February 2010 document posted, in Japan, there were total of 2 million non-Japanese living in the country and 60 thousand more were listed compared with last year head counts. 1,054 more Burmese were registered in this year.

When looking the list into detail, there were 1.6 million Asians, 61 thousands Europeans, 12 thousands from African continents, 384 thousands people from South America region, 14 thousands from Australia and 1,525 people registered as countryless.

Out of 7,789 Burmese, there were 4,441 males and 3,348 females and in the posted documents, the most categorized breakdown of ages ranging from newly born towards in the age 80, type of visas and registration statues could be found.

One of the significant points was that due to the restless political situation in Burma, some Burmese applying for refugee status were granted as “Designated Activities Visa” totaling up to 1,307 in number where it jumped 2 folds comparing with last year’s number.