My Academy Sein – Burmese Academy Award, not for the “Lady”


Since 2005, the Academy Award Ceremony has been blackmailed to “Nay Pyi Daw” by the order of armed Generals. After the “Art” was forced to become an instrument of the Burmese regime, the Burmese artists from the film industry were still struggling for their love of their “art” and bending their pride under the boot of the junta. However, compassionately, their artist spirits should be appreciated at whatever cost. They all wanted to win an Academy of course, what else they were good at.


When the regime was forcing the stars to attend the ceremony, make propaganda films, they had no choice but to follow orders. When the generals dragged them to “Nay Pyi Daw”, the sympathy from the heart of the audience went out to them. The Burmese audience had a great chance to find out who were the boot licking actors and actresses at the ceremony through the eyes of the TV stations and the news photos and still at the event where the art was treated merely as a sacrifice to the supremacy of the generals, the audience had also a fine moment to witness the true pride and significance of real artists. It was considered worth while moral encouragement to the audience under those tiring circumstances.


Most of us already knew that all the awards went to two motion pictures. One of them called, “Better by 9 to 10 times” won awards for director, actor, supporting actor and film. The actor, Kyaw Ye Aung who used to out bust his acting in the scenes had shown his better talent by acting in silence. He really deserved an award.


At the ceremony, all the award winners thanked the attendees and the guests of honors and their speeches were beautiful too. One of the best remarks was from a director, Maung Yin Aung who mentioned the great advice of great film director, late U Thu Kha. It showed the gratefulness, humbleness and team spirit of the community of the artists. However when we would like to read his speech in detail from the next-day newspaper, it was no where to be found except the long and tiring speech of General Kyaw San, a minister of information from the regime.


For best music award, it went to Sein Mutta, for best director, Maung Yin Aung, for best film producer, Myint Mar Lar Production, for best photo, Kyaut Phyu (Padaythar), for best supporting actor, Moe Di and for best actor, it went to Kyaw Ye Aung. Their “thank you” words were much welcome from the audience. We would have to wait until Burmese private magazines and journals to come out to read what they had said in detail.


But this year, all the Academy awards went to all the male actors and artists. There’s no female actresses that had any chance to step on the stage as to regard as a rare event to go in the Burmese Academy history. It was one and only event that only male actors were allowed to roam on the stage according to Burmese military regime. Come what may, still, the stage full of men really looked ugly and at least with one lady could made the show a more beautiful picture. If the Burmese generals had in their mind, thinking of “male-first”, then it would be an ugly sight.  How come the Burmese generals had no attention of sharing even one single academy award for a woman!  That proved the real attitude of Burmese regime for the future of our country; the remark had to be made.


Well, Burmese Academy Award by the Burmese Generals, not for a “Lady”.