Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statemet 13/2008

 Date 1st October 2008

Subject – Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statemet 13/2008

Dear All Burmese Helping Burmese Donors and Volunteer Contributors

 For the month of August & September 2008

 Burmese Helping Burmese Donation of 500 US$ each for 2 months (Total of 1000.00 US$) goes to support for political prisoners and families and Burmese journalists and families.

Addition to that, we received US$ 2607.00 from Boston Burmese Community to donate to the victims from the Nargis cyclone. We on behalf of them, donate the charity to assist the Burmese orphans under the care and loving kindness of Child Aid Foundation run by Burmese monks together with Sayadaw U Dhammapiya of Matta Nanda Vihara.

 Best regards

 Maung Yit
on behalf of MoeMaKa News & Media Group &
Burmese Helping Burmese Fund & Charity Drive for Democracy & Freedom in Burma
Check payable to – MoeMaKa
PO Box 320-207, San Francisco, CA 94132-0207, USA