Burmese Public encouraged after U Win Tin released

One of the side-walk veggie sellers joined with others to wander in front of the house where U Win Tin was staying after his release to take a glimpse of him.

“We just went there. We could not be able to greet him of cause. The news of his release made us happy. We don’t know much of other politicians around. We are struggling very hard to make our ends meet. But when we heard the news that he is released, some of my friends are telling us that things will be turning around for good in the near future. We are happy for it. I mean it …” said the woman from that group.

Burmese public in general were very much interested in U Win Tin. All the witnesses at his house all agreed that not only people from political circles visited him, but also from all different kinds of classes of people such as laymen, youngsters, students, monks and even old men and women were waiting at his place to greet him.

“It shows that they all love him, rely on him and they truly believe in him …” said one of the journalists inside Burma.

Most of the Burmese journalists from the local publishing houses were keen to know whether U Win Tin would be able to write freely in the local publication or not after his release.

“If he were to be allowed to write freely of his experience and his reflection, all the general audience across our country shall be benefited from it and we will all have chance to share his articles …” said one of the young reporter.

One of renowned senior journalist told that it would be one of his tasks to fight for coming along the way.

“People are listening to his radio interviews and they are talk of the town theses days. And the Junta’s security forces are keep a stern and sharp eye on those excited crowd. I happen to hear from one of the police telling his fellow that if he suspects anyone just arrest them on the spot.” told the young reporter.

“I felt distressed. I felt not the fear. Now our country became very lawless and unjust under this brutal regime. But when U Win Tin was released, all of our Burmese people were awakened. They become alert. We need leader who is sharp and active.” continued he.

At the event of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the NLD, one of the major opposition political party which U Win Tin was once served as founding members, all the attending guests and party members welcomed the attendance of U Win Tin with huge ceremony.

“There’s nothing in Win Tin. He is just an extremist” said one of the senior pro-junta politicians from the political party called “Ta Sa Nya” backed by the junta.

However, still the Burmese public did not forget U Win Tin who stood strong behind bars for 19 years under all the mistreatment and ill-treatment by the Burmese military junta. He was welcomed and embraced with all the cheerful and greeting crowds of Burmese people as soon as his release.

“When he was freed, he waved at us and shouted that he was going to visit outside. We are left behind in the prison but we are happy and excited and encouraged for the Burmese people outside. We will miss him. His pets that he accompanied while he was staying for 19 years in prison, they will miss him too.” told one of the political prisoners from Insein prison after his release.