Aung Way – Oway Poem

“3 F”

Aung Way

September 17, 2007


We want 3 F

1st – We want FREEDOM.
We want “Freedom” for our future …

2nd – We want FRIENDSHIP.
We want “Friendship” between
Our Army and Our People …

3rd – We want FOOD.
We want “Food” to live peacefully.

About the author – Aung Way (contemporary Myanmar poet), born 1954, became poet 1982, 3 times in prison – 1976-79, 1988, 1989-91.


            Now he wrote this poem at one year anniversary of Saffron Revolution from Lansing, Michigan where he is now spending his time in exile alone.


OWay Poem

(September 15th, 2008)

(The sound “Oway” is the sound of a peacock, the symbol of Burmese student’s activism and also the sign of struggle for freedom and independence of Burma. The sign of peacock in widely used in the flags of opposition parties and organizations)


Down with the dictatorship – “Our cause”

Democracy & Human Rights – “Our cause”

Towards the People Government – “Our cause” *


1st Male – From 8th August 1988 People Uprising To Saffron Revolution …


Chorus – We all march together with the spirit of fighting peacock, we all defeat the enemy … “Oway”


1st Female – 88 spirit to merge with Saffron Revolution


Chorus – We all will finish the final battle … The victory is at hand … “Oway”


2nd Male – It is our duty to stage civil disobedience, it is the spirit of Burmese people


Chorus – We will win, we shall win, “Oway”


2nd Female – People of the oppressed, let’s unite … Let’s stand together


Chorus – Down with the dictatorship … “Oway”


3rd Male – Our future is to uphold the result of 1990 free and fair election


Chorus – We all reject the staged election of the regime coming in 2010, “Oway”


3rd Female – We want dialogue, peaceful resolution among us, all together


Chorus – We all reject the staged constitution written by the regime, “Oway”


1st Male – No more prisons, arrests and tortures


Chorus – Our mother breed us, then the prisons feed us, our cause shall succeed “Oway”


1st Female – Since 88 Min Ko Naing Until 2007 Kyaw Ko Ko, our student leaders of Burma


 Chorus – There come new breed of heroes like Bogyoke Aung San of Burma “Oway”


2nd Male – From 1988 September to 2007 September


Chorus – Our heads are bloody but unbowed “Oway”


2nd Female – We, the students, the monks and the soldiers, let’s unite. It’s no dream


Chorus – This is the way and this is the will. We have our heart on it. “Oway”


3rd Male  – We for the revolution, true revolution


Chorus – Unity is the first, Unity is the second, Unity is the third … “Oway”


3rd Female – With our flag of the monks, our flag of the students and our flag of anti-fascism, up above the sky, we shall succeed once and for all


Chorus – May all human be free from suffering and harm… “Oway”

            May all human be free from ill will and fear … “Oway”



For better life and social well being – “Our cause”

Free Aung San Suu Kyi & All Burmese political prisoners– “Our cause”

For Peaceful National Reconciliation– “Our cause” **


* = Slogans from 1988 People uprising

** = Slogans from 2007 Saffron revolution