How MoeMaKa run

  In 2004, With Public Donation – 10,248.00 and Grant received – 10,000.00, MoeMaKa had established for the main setup of production equipments.

 In 2005, With Public Donation – 12,000.00 and Grant received – 22,000.00, MoeMaKa had focused on production works and providing royalty fees to the artists and professionals of Burma.

 In 2006, With Public Donation – 48,000 and Grant received – 15,000.00, MoeMaKa had maintained its production works, providing royalty fees and also done extension of monthly publication of newsletter.

 In 2007, with Public Donation – 55,000 and Grant received – 20,000.00 in total including ( General Fund – 15,000.00 and Audio Video Archive – 5,000.00), MoeMaKa has established with more volunteer artists, recruited more young journalists inside Burma and expanded its presentation and production on video/ audio program and documentary.

 We do not sell commercial or advertising time right now. This is the online / webcast radio station where we share community related and Burmese related news, information and literature for free to all interested audience.