Yawning Bread – Singapore shows Burmese dissidents the door

Led by Singapore’s George Yeo, Asean foreign ministers last September “expressed their revulsion to Myanmar Foreign Minister Nyan Win over reports that the demonstrations in Myanmar [were] being suppressed by violent force”, and called on the military junta there to “work towards a peaceful transition to democracy.”

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had spoken “to his ASEAN counterparts… and [would] be writing to Senior General Than Shwe,” the joint Asean statement said [1]. During that period, Singapore was the rotating chair of Asean, and people thought this unusually strong statement was a hopeful sign of where Singapore stood. But was this government, always so boastful of its “integrity”, being sincere?

Burmese Ethnics in Oakland, bay area held memorial service

Burmese Ethnics in Oakland, bay area held memorial service for

8888 – 20 years anniversary of Burmese democracy uprising


August 9, 2008

The event was held at “Dhamm Ayeyeik” Burmese Buddhist monastery. It was organized by Burmese community resettled from the Thai-Burma border area to this Oakland city. The “swan”, Burmese traditional lunch was prepared by volunteer Burmese families and “Mohingar”, Burmese traditional food similar to “fish chowder” was served to the attending guests.