The murder of 2 women which is assumed to be a retaliatory act occurred in Htantabin Township, Yangon Region

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – June 07 Scenes

MoeMaKa, June 08, 2023

The murder of 2 women which is assumed to be a retaliatory act occurred in Htantabin Township, Yangon Region

A 42-year-old woman who lives in Roe Gyi Village, Htantabin Township, Yangon Region and runs a private preschool, and her niece, Ma Saung Thazin Oo, were killed by unknown assailants at the house where the preschool was opened on the evening of June 6. The incident in which both women were killed is considered to be a brutal murder, and no specific evidence has been released as to why they were killed. However, subsequent reports have revealed that the 2 victims were the mother and cousin of a young man named Kaung Zarni Hein, aka La Pyae, who was one of the 2 people arrested for the accusation of killing singer Lily Naing Kyaw. In addition, the reason for the murder is the fact that the victim’s son is the person who was accused of killing singer Lily Naing Kyaw with a gun and is currently under arrest by the military council.

Some people in Roe Gyi village believe that a person known as a thug around the village and nationalist extremists are retaliating against the suspect’s family members for the killing of singer Lily Naing Kyaw.

In cities and some villages, there have been killings of supporters of the military council, ex-military servicemen, ward administrators, 100-house heads, non-CDM employees, department officials who transferred from the military to civilian departments, USDP organizers, some priests who are believed to be the military council supporters, former members of Mabatha who are called nationalist extremists by the news media, and those accused of being informants, during these 2 years. The military council announced that the number of such people killed was around 4,700.

The increased number of people killed with the accusation of being the pillar and backbone of the military council, may partially affect the image of the Spring Revolution.

On the other hand, when the armed forces of the military council raid the villages, they arrest, torture, and kill people from around 15 to almost 60 years old, who are considered to be of age to fight for armed revolution, regardless of whether they are young or old. Over hundreds of people were killed in the military council’s so-called interrogation after being taken by the military and the intelligence.

Since the beginning of 2021, the cases where the person in charge of the NLD training school in Shwe Pyitha and the organizer of the NLD party in Pabedan Township lost their lives overnight during the interrogation are all known.

In addition, dozens to hundreds of people have died at the hands of military council troops in incidents of mass killings in Mon Taing Pin Village, Nyaung Pin Thar Village, Moso Village, Pazigyi Village, and Let Yet Kone Village School. According to the military council’s records of killings, there have been nearly 4,000 civilian deaths.

A few dozen civilians were killed by a group they called themselves the Blood Drinkers (Thway Thout) group, who are supporters of the military council.

The blood drinker group’s activities that emerged in April last year calmed down after a few months, and the recent incident in Roe Gyi Village, Htantabin Township, is similar to the Thway Thout group’s activities. It may be the sense that they are taking revenge against NLD supporters, PDF supporters and their family members when one of them is killed,

The atrocities, war crimes, and massacres committed by the military council are well known not only to Myanmar but also to the world. All know that after the military coup, more brutal killings are committed, civilians are shot dead on the streets of cities and villages recklessly, none of the perpetrators have been punished, and by doing so, the military council is installing fear in the public. Now, in connection with the latest case of the killing of singer Lily Naing Kyaw, 2 female family members of whom accused of killing the singer were brutally killed. These brutal killings indicate an increase in the killing of civilian targets believed to be perpetrated by both sides.