Freedom From Coronavirus Phobia by Junior Win

Freedom From Fear

During the pandemic situation in 2020, we stayed 2 or 3 months at home except for buying food and medicines. Most of all I was happy to stay at home. But under the covid-19 situation, staying at home was not comfortable. The daily news or online information were frightening.

(Daily news and online informations scared me.) (Illustrated by Maung Yit)

Then I decided to do meditation at home. I knew that I could not sit still longer than siting at the Sunlun monastery. But I believed it would help me to lessen my fear.

(Time does not fly! I was feeling restless.)(Illustrated by Maung Yit)

I prepared two timers, and fixed for 15 minutes and the other, 30 minutes. They rang for the first session of breathing in and out, and the other session for watching the sensation of pain which had arisen in the body. That is the way of practising Sunlun Vipassana Meditation. At home, time seemed to pass slowly! Sometimes I thought my timer did not work properly or it was not good functioning. But I told myself that to do practicing meditation was better than to listen or to read online news and informations.

Although I met difficulties in the time of meditation, I doubled the timer to 1 hour. Thanks to the Sunlun Vipassana Meditation, I believe It would cure the pain in my mind, in my heart and one day I would be free from the coronavirus phobia.