My Life Will Go On (30) by Junior Win

After 3 weeks my grandmother passing away, I had to attend the graduation of Master degree in the University of Rangoon. According to the rule and regulation of the University, we had to fill our applications to the Convocation before the Graduation Ceremony. I did it just a month ago. But now I regretted for it, and I did not want to attend this Convocation, because my grandmother recently passed away. But if I did not attend it, my Grading Certificate would be very difficult to get it in the future. I would have to wait for a year or more to get it. I heard it from my seniors and they suggested that if I had already applied to attend for the Graduation, I would have to be present there and receive my Grading Certificate.

Before a week the Graduation day come, I accompanied with my friend to borrow our Master Gowns to wear on the day of the convocation at the Borrowing Gowns Office where very far from home. But unfortunately the officer said there was no Master Gown at his office yet. He said to come again next day. We went again on the day he appointed. He said no Master Gown here yet. He suggested that I would wear the B.Sc Gown instead of Master Gown. He also said that there were plenty of B.Sc Gowns here; and no one noticed if I wore the B.Sc Gown when I received the Master degree on stage.

I did not like his suggestion. He asked me to come next day. On the third day, he said the same answer. I had not patience enough listen his suggestion. I said to him, ‘Okay, as you wish. I will never come again. I will never attend this kind of Graduation. I do not care this Grading Certificate if I will never receive for the rest of my life. You know, my grandmother, Khin Myo Chit, a Burmese author, who had just passed away just 3 weeks ago. I tried to continue this routine work by your rule and regulation although my heart was broken. But now I give up. I will leave.’ I said these words not to hope for having a Gown. I could not help saying such words. When I stood up and turned to leave, his face changed and said wait a little more. After a few minutes, we received Master Gowns from the office.

My friend was happy and said, ‘Oh! How you speak great about your grandmother’s name! I wished you would say her name a little earlier!’ She never understood that I regretted for saying my grandmother’s name to him unintentionally. I just could not hide my sadness at the moment.

(While I was waiting, standing on the stage of the Convocation Hall (left), my name to be announced, I was only thinking about my M.Sc Gown I wore. What’s in a gown!)

I was quite lucky to get the proper Master Gown for my convocation. But the same situation happened in the family again. My father who wanted to attend the convocation wearing the Ph.D gown, and take a photo with her daughter, he could not, because the administration could not provide one. I think that he was wrong to attend the convocation ceremony wearing the Master gown. He should have attended the ceremony wearing the ordinary dress rather than with the Master gown. But I never told him that.