My Life Will Go On (20) by Junior Win

Luckily when I attended my graduation (B.Sc Honors degree) in 1995, the Anniversary of Diamond Jubilee of the Rangoon University was held. The family photo (below) was taken on the lawn of the University Campus at that time they came and shared my happiness.

All the students, old or new, came and joined the celebration. I was now attending as a master student in the University, and was taking part in the festival with my heart and soul. All the buildings, hostels, Judson Church and canteens were the remarkable representations of all the University students. Taking photos in every place and every corners of the University to recall our old memories.

(In the photo, the readers could easily recognize my family, grandpa – U KhinMaungLatt- English teacher; grandma KhinMyo Chit – writer of Colourful Burma and Anawrahta of Burma, father; Dr. KhinMaung Win – Mathematician and associate professor of Mathematics in the University of Rangoon; mother, TakathoShwe Yi Win – Writer of Children literature; my twin brother, Maung Yit – cartoonist and writer and I, wearing the B.Sc Honors Gown, in 1995

My family members were writers, I still was not interested in writing. I wanted to be a teacher like my grandfather and my father. To be a teacher was my great ambition. After I passed the M.Sc (maths) Final Year in 1995, I was going to write the M.Sc thesis. Students were free to choose their supervisor. I chose my father. I did not have fear to be criticized for my choice, because I had been told enough for their criticism in my University life. My mind was only on the day of the Thesis defend.

There were 2 or 3 times tutor examinations were called out during those years. I tried my best to sit all the tutor examinations. But I failed the tutor exams even my friends passed, and they became tutors one by one. Nobody surprised for my poor state of being a daughter of an associated professor. My father who was still in service, her daughter could not getting a tutor post under the authority of her father. I only laughed.

‘And if I laugh at any mortal thing, ‘Tis that I may not weep’ (Lord Bryon)