My Dear Mother Passed Away (Junior Win)

I could never be cured by time for my great loss of my dear mother. I eat and drink, and lie down, or having praying, that robotic activity makes the day would pass quickly that I thought in the every second of my life. Every sun and moon, even the night and day have all the memories of my dear mother. I have no complete words in which to express my great loss and my sorrow. My twin brother became a temporary monk for three days as the way to express his gratitude to our dear mother by the way of Buddhist life.

Messages of sympathy reached me from all who had affection for our family. The thing that they will understand a little one day (maybe or tomorrow) why I am continue writing….. in this sorrow had broken into my life….

I tried to write more in English as I planned to go in this blog for my mother who had always wished me to do.

(My dearest mother passed away in the 26th March of 2017 at the age of 71.)