Junior Win – Reading Books for Children Fan

(The Advertisement)

I saw this advertisement in the newspaper, it said that ‘Noble-Myanmar Literary Festival (Literature for Children) 2016’ will be held at MEP (Myanmar Event Park), Shin- Saw-Pu road, Myay-nee-gone, Rangoon (Yangon) for three days, from 16th to 18th January, between 9:00 AM and 05:00 PM, and welcomes all who are interested in children books.

People may be anxious to go there, and meeting writers, or cartoonists, etc. There will be exciting competitions for children including plays, dances, storytelling, and drawing. There also selected hundred children books will be sold, and everyone can browse and get what they like. It is a very interesting event for us, because among those selected books, my family’s books include there; such as my two translated books, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, and my mother’s translated books; ‘1001 Arabian Nights’, and ‘Dr. Seuss’s latest comic, ‘Which pet should I get’, and my brother’s ‘Shwe Mi Talks, English Lessons with Illustration’, and my father’s ‘Maths for fun, and Puzzles 2015’.

There are talks, and discussions of some topics by non-Burmese writers, and Myanmar writers. Theatres, plays, and music will be held. Many writers, and cartoonists participate in it. Most of the activities are for children, and the theater will be shown in the night. I thought people all around are interested in this festival. All seemed love to come and join this great moment. Many book shops will be there too, and one may browse and wonder through the books land.

My nephews I asked whether they come on that day. He would have a plan to do something new with his friends he replied. I wondered modern children who are playing games, and computer would love to come and enjoy the show? I wondered children of this day really like to browse the children books at this land? I wonder.