Maung Swan Yi – Enforcing the Law

According to the news reports, it is clearly stated that stopping the plot saved numerous innocent lives of residents and tourists visiting that crowded area. The case was successfully solved within 53 hours and 20 minutes. It is obvious that US truthfully tried his best to enforce the law and takes action accordingly no mater the suspects are from any background, great or small.

Last month in Burma at the Burmese Water Festival, the bomb went off and killed several innocent people. It did not take 53 hours for our Burma regime to jump to the conclusion accusing the Burmese opposition and democracy activists overseas of such murderous act. They do not want to waste their time protecting the Burmese people or preventing the crime but just to put the blame of the opposition groups.

On the other side of the World, Burmese regime still could not find the guilty party who killed their fellow General Tin Oo and his team in the past and also they could not find the thugs who tried to assassinate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo in the remote town near Depeyin in upper Burma.

For others, it takes 53 hour to solve but for them it will take like more than 53 years to solve the crime. The regime keeps their dictator, General Than Shwe untouchable. If there’s a fly near him, they would persecute immediately the people who send that fly.

The question – where is the law and who is above the law …

The answer – there’s nobody above or below their law because there’s no law in Burma.

My name is Maung Swan Yi and above me, there’s a great and clear sky.


(Adapted and Translated by Maung Yit of MoeMaKa Burmese News Group)