9th Anniversary of Passing of Zaw (Pyinmanar), a Burmese poet

9th Anniversary of Passing of Zaw (Pyinmanar), a Burmese poet

MoeMaKa Reporter (Rangoon)

March 4, 2009

            On last March 1st of 2009, at “Aung Metta” hall of “Thudhammayon” monastery, in Shwedagon Pagoda compound, remaining family members, fellow poets and friends had hosted “Swan Offering” to monks at 9th year anniversary of his passing.

            Among the guests, some poets such as Nyunt Wai, Aung Zin Min, Ko Khar (Kungyankone) and Thura Zaw recited poems honoring the event. It had started with lunch at 10 am and finished around 2 pm with poem recitals.

            Zaw (Pyinmanar) was one of the renowned members of Moe Wai Poet group contemporary with Maung Lay Aung, Maung Thin Khai, Tha Kut Ni and Maung Thwe Thit. Since early era of Burmese socialist regime, he wrote poems expressing social issues critical to free press and free expression. Some of his well-known poems were “Pyinmanar Mettazar”, “Manar Lozayar Kaung De Oo Kaung”, “Mi Kyon” and “Heman Da Dat Pyar” according to Aung Way, poet in exile, told MoeMaKa.

            “His birth place was “Thabyay Hla” village at the entrance to “Pyinmanar” town. But now the new capitol, “Naypyidaw Kyatpyay” had overrun that “Pyinmanar”, I am afraid his small village might be gone by now …” said Poet Aung Way.